Who am I?

I am Oğulcan Günday. When you read or hear my name you may think many things like:

Oh, what kind of name is this? What does it mean? So many questions, thoughts, and ambiguity, with only one name. The answer is: my name is all-encompassing.


Because of my bicultural background, I am a kind of centipede who is a little bit mixed into everything. Both in my name and work, I think it is important to make myself

clear and to let my opinion be heard. That is why my work is honest, pure,

and close to who I am.

I like to collect stories and translate them by using different media.

This can be copywriting, art direction, or even a performance.

By doing this I try to become better in what I do every day.


Currently, I am studying Advertising and Beyond at the Willem de Kooning Academy. 


Intern creative BURO / TopNotch & NoahsArk

Intern graphic designer /
 Brand New Guys
Intern graphic designer /


BA Advertising / Willem de Kooning Academy

Graphic Design / Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam